Do It Yourself

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Make your own error
Stamp printed in two steps, only 400 copies exist with an inverted centre. It is very easy to make your own forgery : take two cheap normal stamps, carefully cut the blue centerpart of one of them, and glue it upside down on the other stamp !
(CANADA - 1959)

Inverted Dendermonde
Only 1 sheet of 25 stamps was misprinted, with an inverted centerpart. One of the most expensive Belgian stamps. This one of course is unfortunately a forgery, made out of two cheap normal stamps.
(BELGIUM - 1920)

Cheap stamp
If you think postage costs are too high, try this : take on old used 5F stamp of King Baudouin, with a pen write down the name of Prince Filip who will probably become the next King, change the 5F in 17F, and … ready for use.

Train ticket
You ran out of envelopes ? Take an used train ticket, it is not easy, but you can do it.
(BELGIUM - 2009)

From the pub
An urgent message from the pub ? Just take a beer mat, put everything together an send it !
(BELGIUM - 2002)

With a newspaper
Your envelopes are too small ? No problem, take a newspaper and fold it, it works !
(BELGIUM - 2001)

Do it yourself.
Take a cartoon of a well known Belgian politician, glue it on en envelope : you have just made a free stamp !
(BELGIUM - 2011)

No stamp neede anymore
Try first with your picture near a real stamp with the picture of the Belgian King. If it is accepted, try only with your own picture, there is no reason why it should not work !
(BELGIUM - 2001)

Without envelope
If you finish your letter in time and fold it carefully, there is just enough space left for the address and the stamp.

Without envelope
Why loosing time to search an envelope, as you can also fold your letter and write the address on the backside ?
(BELGIUM - 1959)