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Inverted year !
Postmark with inverted year 2000
(ECUADOR - 2000)

Wrong date
According to the date on the postmark, this stamp was used in … 1699, more than 250 years before it was issued.
(SWEDEN - 1899)

Folded stamp
Folded stamp, with the postmark partially on the gummed side.
(SWEDEN - 1927)

Inverted city name
Inverted left part with city name.

Inverted figures
This letter was of course sent in 1950, not in 1590 !

Double postmark.
Look carefully, and try to say when this letter was sent : in 1944 or 1955 ?

Wrong location name

Inverted year !
Inverted year in postmark

Early letter.
According to the postmark, this letter was sent in the year 185 !

Wrong name
FDG to commemorate the start of postal services on the USS ALMACK. Unfortunately the postmark showed ALMAACK instead of ALMACK.

Inverted N
TUNA cancellation with an inverted N

Bad design.
The violin in the postmark has no sound aperture behind the strings.
(GERMANY - 1989)

Olympic symbol ?
The Olympic symbol to announce a chess championship ?
(HUNGARY - 1988)

Inverted postmark.
Inverted postmark, soon corrected.
(NIUAFO´OU - 1993)

Inverted A
Inverted A in postmark
(KENYA - 2003)

Wrong date
Wrong date : February 31th does not exist.
(MEXICO - 2010)

Missing date
Missing date in cancellation.

Inverted cancellation
This preprinted postcard was passed upside down through the cancellation machine : a used postcard with a mint stamp.
(BELGIUM - 2000)

Wrong postmark
Stamp with postmark from TULAGI, 1911-1919. This postmark however is not known before 1913, and is showing the year in full, not abbreviated.

Grammatical error
The grammatical error in the cancellation (D'OR instead of L'OR) was discovered and corrected. Only 6.475 FDC exist with the wrong cancellation.
(CANADA - 2000)

Wrong date
The first day cancellation was stopped on the first day of issue : instead of 9 november, the postmark beared the wrong date 7 november.

Not accurate
On the special cancellation, the American Mustang P51 has both insignia on the upper side of the wings, instead of one on the upper left and one on the lower right.
(GERMANY - 1979)

Return to the writer, said a postmark on this letter, pointing to a stamp featuring Jean Sibelius.
(FINLAND - 1944)

Angry postman
We will never know what had upset the postman while he was cancelling this stamps !
(SWEDEN - 1989)

Inverted year in postmark.

Strange date
The stamps on this cover sent from China to Köln are all cancelled in 1937. But yhe 1.000.000 Y stamps were only issued in 1947, during the post-war inflation period.
(CHINA - 1947)

Leaking ink
An obvious problem with the franking ink.
(BELGIUM - 1981)

Cleaning time
It is really time to clean the franking machine.

Additional S
STOCKOLMS with an additional S on the left stamp.
(SWEDEN - 1858)

Upside down
Inverted year and date in the postmark.
(SWEDEN - 1893)

Just in time
This was a planned cancellation for 'The Day of the Stamp' in 1987. Luckily enough, it was corrected from Frimäkets to Frimärkets before taken into use.
(SWEDEN - 1987)

Letter inversion
Wrong : SUFFLOK - Correct : SUFFOLK.

Error in cancellation
Error in cancellation : PO8TAGE DJF instead of POSTAGE DUE.
(INDIA - 1892)

Inverted and not
Airmal letter with inverted cancellation. On the backside however, the concellation is correct.
(CANADA - 1929)

Multicolored postmarks, the work of postmaster with artistic skills ?
(ECUADOR - 1958)

Meter stamp with spelling error : SUOTH instead of SOUTH.
(AUSTRALIA - 1999)

Wrong year
This stamp was issued in 1921, but according to the postmark, this cover was already cancelled in Strömstad in 1919 ! A machine cancellation on the backside shows a more acceptable date : 1926.
(SWEDEN - 1921)

Wrong letter
SARAJEVO is spelled SAREJEVO on the cancellations on this cover.

Wrong abbreviation
DEZEMBER is not a correct spelling in Swedish, wrong abbreviation DEZ instead of DEC.
(SWEDEN - 1992)

Wrong year
Postcard with two machine cancellations with different dates : 27.06.83 on the left, 27.06.82 on the stamp. According to the written text on the card, 83 is the correct date.
(SWEDEN - 1982)

Missing numeral
Missing last numeral in this canbcellation. On the backside the arrival postmark shows clearly that the correct year was 1898.
(RUSSIA - 1989)

Folded stamp
Cancellation on the backside of a folded stamp
(BELGIUM - 1972)

Small envelope
It was not easy on such a small envelope, but they did it : put a postmark and an advertising banner on it without spoiling the stamp.
(BELGIUM - 1930)

Upside down
The year 1986 was put inverted in the postmark. Compare with a coorect postmark.
(IRELAND - 1986)

Error in countryname
Error in a postmark on a local stamps from the small island ISÖ in the Northern part of Sweden. Wrong : SVERIDGE - Correct : SVERIGE.
(SWEDEN - 1973)

Wrong date
Wrong year 1923 in the cancellation. A correct cancellation with 1904 was added.
(GERMANY - 1904)

Different dates
Which day did this letter arrive in GÖTEBORG : 27/10, 28/10 or 30/10 ?
(SWEDEN - 1986)

Inverted date
Inverted date in the cancellation of this letter sent from the Stamp exhibition of 1986 in Stockholm : it should be 86 instead of 98.
(SWEDEN - 1986)

Wrong letter
JULMAERKER is wrongly spelt JULMAERKEX in old Gothoc letters.
(DENMARK - 1978)

Wrong letter
POSTKONTOR is wrongly spelt POSTKONTOX in old Gothoc letters.
(DENMARK - 1979)

Wrong date
First day cover issued on March 20th 1959. The purple postmark however shows March 2Oth 1948.
(SOUTH KOREA - 1959)

Missing one
Missing 1 in 1952, on both cancellations.
(HUNGARY - 1952)

Wrong date
According to the postmark, this postcard will be sent in 2895 !
(GREECE - 1895)

Inverted 12 in postmark
(IRAN - 1973)

Letter inversion
Spelling error in postmark : KARCAHI instead of KARACHI.
(PAKISTAN - 1989)

Mixed up cancellations on two FDC issued the same day : Gaslisa is cancelled Allmogemalningar and vce-versa.
(SWEDEN - 1973)

Impossible date
13.13.76 is an impossible date
(BELGIUM - 1976)